Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bangkok travelogue

Eugene, Songde, qq and I travelled to Bangkok from 28-31 July 2012, it was a great trip and I really thank God for the whole journey:) just 5 days after ah gong's passing, it wasn't easy for me at all. I was so tired physically and emotionally and it was when i was in Bangkok that i realized I packed so little! It was horrid! I am always well prepared! I even forgot to bring my pj! Thank God Eugene and qq lent me lots of stuff! But it was unlike me to be so under prepared! Weeks before I even researched on all the places to go and the maps to go there! That is how much I prepare for stuff! But God really showed me how much He loves me through this trip:) He put people in my life who loves me a lot like Eugene and qq who were there to help and make me laugh. Also Songde who knew his way around despite not being there before. I was really quite blur during this trip. But God also helped me to overcome my eating problems, I am slowly learning to not be so idiot when I don't get my way with food. It's not like I do it on purpose, but these food just matters to me. But thank God who is healing me:)
First day we didn't do much because we arrived in the late afternoon and decided to be gungho and travel to hotel on our own! Hahahaha not an smart thing to do but was quite exciting the train ride from the airport was fun because we were the only ones in the cabin and we had lots of fun camwhoring! The hotel was great! They even gave qq and my room a free upgrade to executive suite! And we had a study room! Really nice and big! We went to songde's tailor and had dinner at terminal 21 mall! The food court was so cheap and nice and the whole mall was great and new and lots of places to take photos!:)))

Next day was chatuchak day! It was so fun exploring the place and I absolutely love the coconut ice cream!!! Love!!! And 30 baht!!! The market has so much interesting stuff and it was messy and yet hot but I love it though:) then after that by God's amazing grace we actually manage to find a go kart place! Totally seems like accidental because Eugene just saw it from a billboard and after a series of can rides and google we found that place and they went for a round of go kart and Eugene even went a second time! I told Eugene God really dotes on him! He knows how much Eugene wanted to go kart but I didn't think there was such stuff in Bangkok but God gave us a chance to see the billboard and let Eugene go! He had such a great time and. I was just so happy for him:) then we went for dinner at Chinatown, actually they did not me. It was this famous place call T&K seafood, they said it was not bad but not fabulous. But I went to explore Chinatown a bit on my own. They were worried and thought I was emoing~~ hahaha but actually I really like exploring on my own and it actually was safe around that area, I only walked along the main area and I get to tried the pomegranate juice, bought guava and some cheap Thai kuey. I enjoyed myself actually! Eugene did got a bit worried though cus I wasn't replying his messages~ we went to Thai message after that at Urban Retreat!!! It was just so so good! 350 baht at this clean and peaceful place with our own rooms and they washed our feet and had nice music! Really really worth it! Just that qq was laughing non stop in the next room! Make me work so hard to relax! I just wanted to laugh!

3rd day was mad shopping day for us! We conquered platinum mall! It was a great shopping trip! Got really good buys, some misses but still I am crowned shopping queen! And had really yummy Japanese food at Fuji at the highest level of the mall! They had great vegetarian options! So I was satisfied too! At night we did our nails! Love the tribal design! But too bad it came off so fast! Looks horrid halfway so I got rid of them all today:( next time I will think a bit more before I do my finger nails! I am just quite rough and clumsy~

Last day we went for body scrub at Urban Retreat again! 1000baht for 50 min! It was good too, just that it could have been longer! And went to spend the last of our bahts at terminal 21! It is just such a great place to shop and the food court was the cheapest! Everyone should also definitely go Boots if they go Bangkok! Because they just hse such good quality product at super affordable prices!!! I think the worst part of the trip was probably the end when we nearly miss the flight! Bangkok should really look into their terrible airport system!

But one thing I enjoyed most during the trip was the proper quiet time Eugene and I had together every night! Just talking and sharing with each other about the day and our lives, we also read the bible and God Chaser(book) together and shared and prayed for each other:) it was one of our best times together as a couple and I just feel so love when we love God:) I really treasure the time we have together when we are focusing on God. Just so peaceful and relax and joyful:) I think it is because I know God is happy too, to see His children love Him and each other:)

This trip was just so great with the 3 of them, so much laughter and sharing and love! I really enjoyed myself despite the down parts. I learnt so much from the trip and feel just do thankful to my Father in heaven:)

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