Sunday, July 15, 2012

Huan zhu ge ge birthday

Had a very mini  birthday celebration for yx, i think if i don't keep it in memory here, I will probably forget about it next year. She was given two of this chinaaa head pieces from her friends and it is still a source of entertainment once in a while. Once in while my whole family will be in the nice mood, but one of has to destroy it everytime. Sometimes I feel like everybody works hard to make sure there is a negative mood. I thank God for keeping me sane, just one month ago, i would have into the depression mode. But I really hope to give yx another mini celebration to make it a proper one. Personally birthdays are important to me because one person only get one special day to themselves each year. Yes, it is nice to feel a bit more important and special on that special day, it is also a good day to be thankful about how far you have come in your life. Even though yx really make me very disappointed sometimes, she is just so lazy and messy and dirty, she is still my sister. God gave me grace so I am trying to show others too.

We had MOF @ Izayake and Twelve Cupcakes! Both very delicious. MOF had lots of no-meat options! I love the egg soba!!!! But i really need to remember to ask them not to add the jap fish cake. The potato salad was amazing too! There was apples in it! I love their green tea ice cream too! It is really good quality, smooth and creamy with really strong match taste. The cupcakes were nice too! Better than the Cupcakes with love.Cupcakes are really pretty but I don't think I love them that much~~ It was still a great weekend, a bit emotional but still I am here to be thankful for all the good food and great company.
Also had thai food at Jai Thai at east coast road! I love this place because it is very affordable and has it's own set of vegetarian menu! Perfect place to bring my omnivore friends! Eugene came along for cell and I am really happy we get to spend quality time together with my dearest cell mates!( lol! the pun!) I am really looking forward to both of use spending more quality time in church and in cell<3

No matter how diffcult this pass few weeks had been, I am thankful because God is moulding me and yet I get to enjoy some really good time, be it in church, cell, family or with Eugene, I really am learning to be more positive and get rid of the horrid depression and self absorbed thinkings. Thank God:)

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