Friday, August 17, 2012

Nobody but the Lord

I am here blogging and I must must thank God! I think I could have been dead just moment ago, or at least seriously injured?! I was trying to rush for bus 17 to get home and I saw the light going to turn green and I just thought I should run for it. But as I was running I heard horning sound, moray probably from a car or bike, but I thought heck care just make a mad dash! But then I felt the impact of the bike colliding into me! I was just plain shock! It collided into me but nothing happened to me! In fact the bike itself sort of fell to the ground! But thank God everyone was ok! The driver and his passenger! The bike was fine too! I think I was just too shock that I started crying at the bus stop. I don't quite understand how I managed7 to come out of the whole accident unhurt!? In fact as I think back of the whole accident, I don't understand why the bike felt soft? Like the impact was soft! I think I can safely assume that it was God's hands!! The only thing on me to remind me that the accident really happened is my left wrist which is a little sore. Woah God really loves me and treasure me so much! It's not the first time I felt that God save me from dead and I can only say thank God and He loves me so much and He also want me to be careful when crossing the road next time! Don't take unnecessary risk!!

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