Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something amazing ahead

My Abba papa knows me best! I have been seeking and finding my way, hoping to get a job that I love and enjoy. I believe that a job should be something that you love and you will actually want to go to work each day. Especially when we spend half of our time at work! But I can't say my journey since poly graduation has been smooth. I got 'cheated' into a horrible design firm, I got to go Maldives and langkawi and actually totally complimentary stay at Four Seasons hotel ( work purpose), but under two horrible employers who just want to bully and take advantage of fresh graduates. And I end up at no where land~ but God has great plans for me! I know it! I am not worried about the future, all I am concern that I am enjoying my relationship with Holy Spirit more and more each day:) it won't have been possible if not for all the trials and 'problems'. Thank God I also manage to score and interview at MOE to be a secondary school art teacher! One of my dream job! Art and young people! God's calling for my life! He told me that I will get the job and lead His army of youth and children for Christ! I am not worried about how I will get to where He want me to be! I am just excited to walk with Him each day:) My calling and His vision for me will just follow suit:)

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