Sunday, September 2, 2012

A little bit of love

Love goes a long way~~~ even a bit of it can push a person alonggggg~ as I have learnt from my Abba Papa:) this week has been so eventful and so much going on! I have been a little more or less trying to grasp for breath! But I am amazed again and again how much God loves me an prove His point again and again! He got me to start on my 21 days happy challenge! He showed me giving makes one much happier than receiving! He inspired me to give 2 gifts to two special people and I am so touched by what happened after I have them the gifts! They feel so love and treasured which is exactly how God wanted them to feel! He wants them to feel so precious to Him! I am happy to be used by God to show them that they are His treasured children!!! I am just happy happy happy! So happy when shining met me for dinner and was so willing to share and also hear my sharing with her. She actually thought it will be awkward! But in God there is no such thing! Only love and joy!! When we talk about Him, His presence follows us! I am thankful for my church mates who helped me through these past few days, they don't know their little help in doing this and that made me thankful and relieved some load off me. Had such a difficult pass few days and I am so thankful that God brought me through and showed me He is more than enough for me! I love Him! I love that He taught me that if I want to happy I make it happen! Don't wait for the environment and situation to change! Be the one to change! ;)

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