Thursday, December 6, 2012


I will and must remember the date! 5 December 2012! Eugene gave me 8 roses to symbolize apology and a handmade card-' baby I'm sorry'. All these made me so astonish and amazed! I must must remember that this guy loves and did something so out of the norm to apologize. His sincerity and effort is what I will keep in my heart forever.

Let me jot down everything in details.... Eugene made a grave mistake mistake, we were already going through a very rough patch and trying recover from it... But on Tuesday he just admitted to his mistake after much probing when I sensed something was wrong... To say that I was angry, upset and disappointed... Will be an understatement... I was so upset that I literally couldn't even cry.... Like beyond pain... A series of events unfolded after that and I felt so frustrated I wanted to run away... I keep asking myself when will this all end... The next morning I gave him an ultimatum, he has 24 hours to show that he was sincerely sorry.
Within a few hours I got a weird text from him, hinting a surprise of sorts at my favorite restaurant Sushi Tei and even a promise of a pair of shoes! I was shocked! I didn't expect him to go to that extend! I know I love surprises but I didn't know that he was actually to do it! And in the midst of his exams! My mood started to change for the better and my heart felt lighter... Is this really happening? Eugene doing something so special for me in the middle of his exams?? He then gave me little clues and hints throughout the day and I was frankly getting quite excite to meet him after work!

After work I rushed to the sushi tei at tampines 1 and was surprised that he was already sitting there waiting for me! I was already happy enough that I get to eat my favorite food in the middle of the week and he also said that I could go and choose a pair of shoes after dinner!:) we had a happy dinner and I was feeling so happy at the turn of events! Little did I know that there was something more! After polishing off our delicious food, Eugene got the waiter to serve the dessert. And while we were chatting, the waiter brought in the dessert and a bouquet of flowers! With a handmade card to to it off! I was so shocked! And Eugene was so funny! I remembered him saying this is not a proposal! Hahahahaha! I was nearly tearing and he came over to sit beside me to shower me with hugs and kisses! I was so touched! The night was already very great and this surprise really amazed me because Eugene had never really gotten me any flowers and don't even talk about surprises! Normally I am the one who is better with gifts and surprises! Hahahaha! He told me he came early to arrange with the restaurant staff and when he went to toilet in the middle of the meal, he could hear another waitress making a comment about how sweet he is! I was just so so touched by his efforts! My love language is quality time and gifts, though he doesn't do it very often, Eugene normally makes me laugh a lot! He will do funny and cute stuff just to make me laugh. So for him to do all these I know it does not come natural to him and it's totally out of his comfort zone! Which was why I teared! And when I was reading the card on the way home I was crying to myself! It was such a touching note! And he put in the effort to choose and prints our photos out and decorate it all by hand! This is coming for a non crafty guy!

Eugene if eu ever read this just want to let you know I don't care how much any of your gifts cost, I really am looking at your heart! And this time eu really impressed me and made me so touched! Cause I could feel your heart through all these! And yes I will always remember all of it! I thank God that through all the bad problems, eu rise above it all to show that eu have a great heart and love for me:* thank God for all these... I am so touched by it all!

And yes I took like dozens of photos with my flowers!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

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