Thursday, January 17, 2013

A sweet rest


The 4 days 3 nights in Cameron Highland was one of the best for me. The year had been draining for me and this trip was a much needed break. A lot of people will comment that there isn't much to do in Cameron, but I think that was exactly what I need- to do nothing. The weather was probably one of the greater aspect of the place! So nice and cooling! Got to wear thick sweaters and beanie! It was so fun to bundle up! Something you don't get to do in sg. One of the most fun part of the trip was tracking in the forest! The rest of the farm visitings were quite lame. There are really nice forest and hills in Cameron, something you don't get in sg. And the great thing about Cameron was also the abundant amount of veggie and teas! Both of my favourite stuff! Eating steamboat in Cameron was also one of the best thing to do there, the cold and hot steamy food goes very well together!

Being there with my favourite people was the best part! Eugene made us laugh non stop and was there to help in every way:) This is definitely a place we will go again, it is a nice and affordable place for short rest:)

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