Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's never too late


A few weeks late, but better late than never. When I restarted this blog I needed somewhere to record down the things happening in my life, I don't know why I still want to record all these down... maybe because I have always been the diary kind of girl? This year had been emotionally draining, it wasn't easy and I will be a hypocrite for saying I won't want to change the things that happened. But if it all didn't happened, I won't be where I am today. I won't have understand everything better, I won't have managed things better. So it has been a year of learning and I think I can safetly say, I did grown from it:)

For my sake, let's list down the events that I need to learn from (the not so good stuff):
- Getting 'fired' from my previous company( this is a story worth recording down one day)
- Trying to 'fight' my ex-bosses through MOM ( learn to be humble and also MOM kinda sucks)
- Taking on too much church stuff and trying to keep everything perfect ( leads to the next point)
- A few months where i suspected I had depression (realized my emotional state was never at it's best)
- Constant screaming and panic episodes within my family
- The biggest hurdle-ever between eugene and I
- An episode where I nearly lost it.....

BUT things that have helped me grow(the good stuff):
- An all-expenses paid work-trip to Four Seasons Langkawi (seriously the work part was only 40%? but I get to talk to Aidi the enviromentalist of Four Seasons Langkawi, one of the most inspiring guy I ever got to know)
- The best buddy couple trip to Bangkok with my QQ and Songde. Such a great and fun tip! (Thank God for this bestie who is always willing to help me out)
- Royal Kids Chennai trip in India with Jiayi and Shuilin (One of the best trip for my spiritual growth and going back to the country I miss so much)
- The family altar sundays that I managed to organize for a few weeks ( before the big 'break-down' but I must find a way to put it back for my family)
- Closer relationships with my cell mates and a lot of church friends
- Spiritual healing during Pastor Wu worshop {I can really feel the big difference in my spirit, I don't get the bad periods of depression anymore and I have also been able to overcome the 'difficult' periods of emotions)
- The Echo running man camp! {It was a great time for me to help others grow and had lots of fun in the process!)
- Trip to Cameron Highland with Eugene and mum and YR {a good rest)
- reading more than 20 books both Christian and friction, a great hobby to pick back up and also really great for my spiritual growth!:)))
- Eugene joing EN {probably one of the greatest thing to thank God for, it won't have been posible with Him. It is such a great move for our relationship)

Putting it all down, realized that I do have much to be thankful for in year 2012! I know I will look back in 2013 and know that 2012 was a great stepping stone for 2013:)

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