Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY a Rainbow Tumbler

Recently I got a tumbler from a company's D&D function, it is of quite good quality and I have been wanting to get a good portable container to drink my tea with. BUT it's so ugly! I hate anything with a logo on it! I won't want to use it! Arg! But it will be such a waste to throw this away! It is of quite good quality and I am currently saving money so I won't have money to spare for unnecessary stuff! Sooooo I look through my material box and spent some time to mix and match my stuff before finally coming up with something decent and waterproof! (duh! It's a water container!) So thought that I will share this easy DIY that anybody can do~ you don't really need to have crafty fingers for this!

1.Tape the Daiso rainbow tapes tightly around it, make sure to cover the gabs in between each colour, cover up the whole tumbler except for the cover. Near the mouth of the tumbler you may have to press the edges down. 2. Repeat the first step because the tape is kinda transparent. 3. Add in some funky stickers! In this case I added in one of my sticker from a graffiti collection sticker book! Done!

All done in less than 20 minutes and less than $2! We are always ending up with useless freebies, why not reuse, reduce and recycle? It's pretty and functionable and there are lots of ways to apply this DIY to other stuff!

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