Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY rainbow pinata box! + new illustration

I needed a box to put the gifts for XueYing birthday and I wanted the surprise to be colourful! So since I have been trying to get more crafty lately, I decided on doing something that I can't buy! A rainbow pinata-like box! Well it was a nice idea~~~ but the execution was soooo tedious! I took a few hours, i think 3 or 4 hours? The problem was I had to figure the mechanism first, after that it was quite fast!

1. Start with the pink first! I made the mistake of cutting red first, but start from bottom to top! The crepe paper comes in a folded manner, leave it this way, then cut out a 5cm piece.(but it is up to the size of your box) 2. Cut the piece, about 2/3, leave enough space to paste the tape later. 3.Use a thick double sided tape and paste the bottom edge of the box, all four sides. Then paste down the crepe paper, remember to pull tight! 4. Continue the same thing up the box, layer by layer. do it 7 times!

It wasn't easy but the end result is very pretty and cheerful looking! So I am pleased:)
I also made myself do a A6 illustration for XY, done with pencil and watercolour! I love it, I am trying to draw and paint again. It was a good start! starting small and giving them as gifts. I love handmade drawn stuff, so I really hope those who receive my handmade gifts will love them too:)

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