Thursday, January 17, 2013

love, laugh & encourage creativity

Every new year brings a new chance to do something new! People are in a hurry to make new year resolutions but I'm not. I always have been someone who need time to think and plan. It doesn't matter if I am a few weeks late! Hey it's still January! I still have more than 11 months ahead of me! Time and time again I asked myself, why do I keep this space?? No one reads it! But when I looks back at some of my posts, I am thankful I bothered to post them, they serve as a reminder of my blessings and things to be thankful for! But this 2013, I want to jump out of my comfort zone! I remembered someone saying " if you keep doing the same thing and nothing is working out, try something new!" So this new year I want to try new things, I want to " love, laugh & encourage creativity" to all around me! This space with help me document and aid this new year "resolution'!

Love: Jesus be the centre of my life- this will never change, the love of my heavenly Papa will be my driving force, will be the one I base my decision on! I want to give myself time and opportunities to soak in His love and let it overflow to those around me. When I don't receive how do I give? This will be the balance for me. Loving God, loving others and not forgeting to love myself! In this space I will record down moments where I felt His love, moments where I get inspired to love and do amazing stuff for people around me:) And also special moments of love between me and those around me;)

Laugh: Sometimes we can so overwhelmed by life, by the need to achieve, be successful, earn more money, have a social life.... we forget the simplest thing in life! To love and laugh! I don't know about others but I did. I forgot that I need to laugh, I need to enjoy my life. I had these long periods of depression in 2012 that I couldn't get out of. After healing and lots of support from those around me, I realized that I have spent years wallowing in long bouts of sadness, anger and fear. I can't change the people around me or often the situations and problems around me, but I can choose to be happy! This year I will 'work hard' to be happy and laugh till my sides hurt and enjoy the life God has given me. Yes, this space will be a happy space for me:)

Encourage creativity: Face it, I am those artsy type, the creative visual type, the drawing painty type~ and the list goes on! I want to embrace myself and love for the multi media, graphic design, illustrations, colours, art, drawing and painting! But no I am not the 'hipster' type, I don't want to be cool or monotone~ basically I don't really want a label for my creativity. The new cauliflowerhead space will be a place to encourage creativity! To be inspired and also inspire others! To encourage those who want to take the leap to be more spontaneous and creative and make some mess! A space to encourage them to be creative! To draw, paint, craft, learn new stuff, show some love, make a gift, recycle, renew..... no limits! Just creative and fun stuff that everyone can try their hands on!

This space will evolve and grow with me! No I am not going to take away the past posts or build a new space, I want to be able to look back at this year and celebrate changes;)

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